Frequently asked questions:

  • Will the St Patricks Day E-Cookbook be posted to me?

The St Patrick's Day E-Cookbook is a book created in digital PDF format. This means that the book is not a physical book and will not be posted to you. It can be downloaded to your computer or smartphone after purchase and can be printed or stored on your computer for future use. The benefit of this is that you receive the E-Cookbook immediately after purchase. 

  • How do I download the St Patrick's Day E-Cookbook after purchase? 

Step 1: Purchase the ebook on our website. 

Step 2: Once the purchase is complete, the St Patrick's Day E-Cookbook will be sent to the email address provided in PDF format. You will also be able to download the e-cookbook immediately after purchase.

Step 3: We recommend that you save the PDF St Patrick's Day E-Cookbook to your computer so you have it for future use. You can then print the E-Cookbook or view it at any time.  

  • How many Recipes are in the St Patricks Day E-Cookbook?

There are 19 Irish recipes in total in the E-Cookbook. 

  • What way are the recipes measured in the E-Cookbook?

All recipes in the E-Cookbook are broken down into US/Metric/Imperial measurements.